We are happy to introduce the new category IMPACT.
IMPACT was created to truly honor the power of filmic storytelling in a world that needs unity and respect more than ever. Films entered in IMPACT need to address local and/or global social and/or economic issues. They need to be understood as a creative statement for a better world. Better in terms of more equal, more moral and more open minded. Films that will be awarded with IMPACT are meant to be a driver of communication, discussion and dialogue. They should provoke a conversation within our community and beyond. They need to be written and executed with the highest standards in craft. 

Furthermore, we are paying our respects to the many amazing production companies with the new recognition award PRODUCTION COMPANY OF THE YEAR. In a highly competitive market, production companies are the engine, the heart and soul of creating filmic masterpieces – and a lot of them do an outstanding job, from the first contact to the final delivery. This new recognition award celebrates the most successful production company at the annual DIE KLAPPE awards. The wining company can call itself DIE KLAPPE PRODUCTION COMPANY OF THE YEAR.